Our UX ApproachWe are HIPAA Compliant and provide Privacy & Security of Healthcare Information


DiscoveryMaking the invisible, visible

Everything starts with an idea, a vision which could be invisible, floating up in the clouds of passion. Our designers begin crafting great experiences by identifying with that vision and seeking real insight into your business, the people who will use your product and the context in which they shall use it.

We learn what people are doing and why they're doing it. This is absolutely critical to the success of the product we're building.


StoryboardingCreating a visual north star

Once we've clearly identified the intent and the challenge at hand, we translate our learnings into artifacts: user personas, experience maps, design principles, and a feature list that is viable from a technology and business perspective.

We use these to storyboard the new experience and thus create an app map to support different user scenarios.


UX - PrototypingLearning what works & what doesn't

Now that we have an app map, we quickly prototype a solution to observe how the right users interact with your product. Observing their reactions at specific moments helps us identify areas where we may improve the experience and reiterate till we’re delighted (and we’re not easily delighted).

Key technologies, technical components are identified, along side foundation architecture and technical design.


UI - User Interface DesignCreating the look & feel

We then proceed to prepare the rest of the wireframes and convert them into pixel perfect designs. This is where colour, type and form all connect to create a consistent visual language in sync with your brand.

Now that the screens of your product are ready, we compile a UI design build kit that our robust engineering team can take on and work their magic to materialise what we’ve conceptualised.

Extreme Engineering

Extreme EngineeringCoding it together

In this step, the actual products are built component by component and module by module. Detailed component design and individual component unit testing is followed to ensure a robust product.

Functional Testing

Functional TestingGetting onto the runaway

In this step, the components are integrated incrementally and tested for desired functionality and behaviour. The testing is done against the acceptance factors defined to cover entire product coverage both from tech and user perspective.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance TestingThe final test flight

This is a final step where in the the product is tested against defined user acceptance criteria. This phase could include a limited user-set level testing & detailed performance testing before launching the product for intended users. Several aspects related to security compliances, network responsiveness, performance scaling are carried out here.

From idea to engineering our process results in mobile solutions that delight the consumer.
Emotion Engineering & Design at play.