Mobile Cloud Testing

Mobile cloud testing

Mobile Cloud Testing

No mobile app is perfect unless it functions smoothly and proves its interoperability in real-world scenarios!

The best mobile automation testing tools for mobile applications and websites are the real devices on real carrier networks, using real mobile browsers. Saviance diligently works on making every mobile app perfect for the real users offering the best user experience ever. Our mobile cloud testing service ensures uncompromised quality of your mobile apps and websites on real devices and carrier networks. Our tailor-made mobile device testing process helps you deliver great mobile experiences to your users.

Our Mobile cloud testing offerings include:

Enhanced Mobile Quality

There are over 20,000 device models available in the market and 27 different varieties of operating systems, thus, we help you test your mobile app over 500,000 real-world scenarios on your users' most commonly owned devices in the same time period and add new devices as soon as they become available.


We give you the luxury of expanding the amount of scenarios you can cover in the same time period at a moment's notice. Test your mobile app at any point of time on hundreds of real devices.


We provide an instant access to remote devices for manual testing and support. We understand the importance of prompt response to the technology and business needs, thus never fall short in creating a strong and efficient communication channel between offshore and in-office teams.


We facilitate a wider variety of real devices to choose from. You can gain better visibility by testing your mobile app on innumerable devices and can also observe step-by-step media test reports ensuring a flawless testing implementation.

Saviance Edge

Our proven approach for Mobile Cloud Testing is the key to bridging the gap between your business and technology needs. Our unmatched expertise helps us integrate verified testing roadmap to ensure high-quality and incomparable results. We push ourselves to provide;

  • A dedicated mobile testing team working round the clock on your mobile app
  • Efficient QA staff to check and re-check the application before it goes live
  • Framework for automated testing implementation on multiple real devices and networks
  • Education on the importance of user experience during testing execution