GamificationGaming mechanics to ensure improved user engagement, loyalty and experience!

Our gamification process uses an empathy-based approach more like ‘Designing Thinking’ to transform a website, system, mobile application, a social media platform or online forum into a more gameful and engaging experience. We can integrate gaming mechanics into your new or existing products and services to improve user engagement, ease of use, customer retention and loyalty overall making the system more useful and effective for the users.

This is how our gamification service will help you;

Our Gamification offerings is built upon 10 primary game mechanics

Prompt and Fast Feedback: Quick feedback or response to action

Elements like onscreen notifications, text message or no-spam-emails encourage users to continue using the mobile app or website without getting bored. Push and motivate users by congratulating or rewarding them on reaching a goal; this helps them to move ahead and achieve different milestones.

Goals: Short- and long-term goals to achieve

Missions and challenges play a critical role in keeping users engaged and motivated. This competitiveness keeps them engaged and interested in the process enhancing their overall experience.

Onboarding: Keep the users engaged

Generally, users get bored very easily. Same content with no exciting element let the users slip away and check out different brands for better experience. Surprise them with new and simple missions every time they visit you rather serving the same menu in front of them.

On-the-edge competition: Where do I rank?

How can I overtake my closest competitor? This question keeps the fire alive inside us because we all want to do better than our fellow users. Higher the stakes, better the motivation level. So, add an element of competition with time-based, team and individualized scoreboards to give your users a sense of accomplishment.

Badges: Reward the accomplishments

Giving out badges is an interesting way to award the users’ accomplishment or mastery of a skill or expertise. This instills a sense of pride in the users ultimately adding a happy customer into your list.

Leveling Up: Status within community

Completing levels and beating fellow users is quiet satisfying. A sense of achievement encourages the users to go further and unlock new missions, badges, activities, and rewards. This keeps your target audience to keep coming back and expect more out of your product or service.

Collaboration: Working in teams can accomplish bigger goals

Bigger tasks need bigger teams. Encourage collaboration and create a busy and lively community. It drives competition and encourages knowledge sharing. Working in a team keeps the competition fire alive as everyone wants to put 100% efforts to let their team stay ahead in the task.

Transparency: Key to user involvement

Be transparent with your users and inform them about their standing on the metrics. Show the progress on their profile in real-time and even the past record. This helps them to have an exact picture of where they stand.

Points: Tangible, measurable evidence of accomplishments

Points should have some real value. Users have worked hard to get here, so now it’s time to pay them off. Their participation and involvement deserve a better reward. Let them accumulate points to purchase virtual or real goods later. This is the BEST way to keep your clientele growing and intact.

Community: A context for achievement

Community gives meaning to goals, badges, competitions, and other mechanics. Sharing participant achievements creates energy in the community by making people aware of what others are doing. They learn about goals, badges, and rewards that they may want to pursue.

Saviance Edge

Our comprehensive gamification workflow brings out the exciting factor your website or mobile app might be missing. It is that required differentiator your business is waiting for. We create the most integral and tailor-made gamification strategy to suit your business needs making sure to eliminate the problems arising around user engagement, customer reach out and overall user experience.

There are so many companies worldwide that have been implementing gamification strategy into their online systems, websites or mobile app for;

  • Competitive intelligence
  • User engagement
  • Encouraging desirable website usage behaviour
  • Completing a particular task or goal without boredom
  • Encouraging people to fill out surveys
  • To do market research on brand recognition